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Patchwork Barn  Pattern

Patchwork Barn Pattern

Traditional Quilt Pattern made using a wonderful collection of 6" blocks and laser cut silhouettes for applique. 

Finished quilt size is 75" x 79".


Fabric Requirements:


The BOM quilt is made using the Laundry Basket Fabric collection "Blue Sky" from Andover. 

8 light fabrics

1/2 yard of A-8505-L

2/3 yard of A-8508-L

Fat eighth of A-8510-N 

1/3 yard of A-8511-L

Fat eighth of A-8512-L 

1/2 yard of A-8513-L

1/2 yard of A-8514-L

3/4 yard of A-8515-L

15 blue fabrics

1/2 yard of A-8505-B 

1/4 yard of A-8505-W

1/3 yard of A-8506-B 

2/3 yard of A-8506-W

1/4 yard of A-8507-B

1/3 yard of A-8508-B

1/3 yard of A-8509-B 

Fat eighth of A-8510-W

1/4 yard of A-8511-B

1/3 yard of A-8511-W

1/3 yard of A-8512-W 

1/4 yard of A-8513-W

1/3 yard of A-8514-W 

Fat eighth of A-8515-B

1/4 yard of A-8515-W

Sashing and Border

2-3/4 yards of light fabric A-8515-L


2/3 yards of blue fabric A-8515-B


4-1/2 yards of light fabric A-8505-L

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