PreCuts quilt Box Monthly Subscription

PreCuts Quilt Box


  • 10-12 Fat Quarters, Fat Eight Bundle Or One small Kit 

  • Layer Cake, Jelly Roll 

  • 1 - 2 Notions 

  • 1 Spool of thread 

  • You can cancel at any time!

  • Free Domestic Shipping 

  • Your box won't be shipped until the 25th of each month.

  • The retail value of your items will always be more than your

  • Monthly Subscription.

  • As a member, you will receive special discounts.

  • Exclusive deals and BONUS GOODIES!

  • The subscription deadline is the 20th of each month (Depends on availability)

*Subscription boxes are not refundable.


PreCuts Quilt Box

Modern Stash Builder

  • 16 Fat Quarter Of Fabric Or 4 Yards of fabrics 

  • 1 Spool of thread or 1 Notion

  • 1 Pattern

  • Your box will ship near the 25th of each month

  • Free Domestic Shipping!!!

  • You can cancel at any time!!!!

  • Plus, as a member, you will receive special discounts

  • And exclusive deals and BONUS GOODIES!

  • The retail value of your items will always be more than your

  • monthly cost! 

  • The subscription deadline is the 20th of each month (Depends on availability)

*Subscription boxes are not refundable.







September Fabric Designer 

Classic Box

We're proudly announcing that this month our fabric designer will be 

Lori Holt 

From Riley Blake Designs


Modern Box

We're proudly announcing that this month our fabric designer

Valorie Wells

For Ruby FreeSpirit Fabrics 


Frequently asked questions

What is the subscription deadline?

The deadline for same month subcription is on 20th. Example Anna want to to subcribe to May box, she have until May 20th to subscribe, and her first box will be ship out on May 25th. Note: Subcription Boxes dead line depends on availability of each box and this will be displayed under the subcribe bottom; Example

If I subscribe on after the 20th of the month when I'll receive my first box?

Most commonly, everyone who subscribes after the 20th of the month will receive their 1st box in the following month. Example
Anna subscribes to PreCuts Quilt Box on May 28th, and her first box will be ship until June 25th.

I haven't receive my box, what can I do?

We ship our subscription box near the 25th of each month, but this date may vary, and by example, If 25th is allocated on the weekend, your subscription will be ship until the following business day. Example:
On July 2020, the 25th is located on Saturday, and in this case, your box will be shipped until July 27th.
If, by the 5th of the following month, you haven't received your subscription box on the mail, please contact us immediately at
Lost Box Process"
We'll contact the postal services and file an Allocate Parcel Form.
We expect to get a resolution within 7-12 business days, and if the resolution states the the "Package is lost" or "unable to allocate Package."
We'll issue a new box, and we'll ship it the following day.

What if my box get lost in the mail?

If you haven't receive yout subcription box please contact us at What happens next? We'll contact the United State Postal Service and we'll file an allocate package form. Once we file the form we expect to heard from the postal Service within next 7 bussiness days, if in their resolution the Postal Services declare your Package as Lost or Unable to Allocate Package, we'll send a new box the following day.

Do we ship internationally?

YES, we do ship overseas.
Orders are shipped International Mail and typically take 2-4 weeks.
All Subcription boxes are subject to shipping fee Canada $13 All other Countries $25 However, it can take longer especially during peak times (see notes about customs below). Most items provide tracking or delivery confirmation. - In some cases such as an oversized item, we may require an additional shipping cost, and if so we will contact you. - Disclaimer: We have had repeated issues shipping to a few countries and have been forced to adopt a "ship at your own risk" policy for these countries: South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, India, Namibia, Pakistan, Falkland Islands, and the United Arab Emirates. We will not be able to reliably track or re-ship your package if it is not delivered and will not provide refunds or credits for lost orders.

When will my subscription renew?

Your account will be charged on the same day that you signed up each month for as long as you continue your subcription active.

Why I don't see my subcription in my orders?

For the security of your financial information, our Subscription boxes are managed for third parties company's such as Squareup, Paypal, and Stripe, and our internal system doesn't recognizer the subscriptions as a purchase. In the event you need a statement of your subscription boxes we'll be more than happy to assist you and provide you a statement of your subscription you can contact us at or you can send us a message through our chat on our website.

Duties and Taxes?

Every country has its own rules, percentages, and policies and how to charge duties and taxes, and we're unaware of "How Much you will pay on Duties and Taxes that you'll responsible for it."Any customs, duties or taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot control whether a package gets delayed and/or charged duties and taxes by the customs office in any international country. All prices are in US dollars. We are not responsible for any exchange rate differences.

What is your subscription box cancellation policy?

Any Monthly Subscription box or club fees are non-refundable or exchangeable, and any items on those subscriptions are not returnable or refundable. Due to copyright laws, all fabric patterns and books may not be returned. Manufacture subscription programs can't be cancelable or refundable and will be stated in the description of the subscription or program. PreCuts Quilt Box or store subscriptions: You can cancel your subscription at any time, however, all cancelations request will need to be summited 5 business days before the subscription renovation be aware that our shop doesn't work on the weekends. Example: If you request the cancelation during 72 business hours prior your subscription renovation we will cancel your subscription after the renovation, we'll not allow changes or cancelation on recurrent payments during 120 business hours prior the subscription renovation, once you receive the cancelation confirmation of your subscription sometimes can take up to 48 hours for the cancelation to be completed. All subscription boxes will be ship on the 25th of each month or near the 25th of the month depending on the day. Subscription placed or established on dates February 28th or months with 31 days will be processed on the 1st of the following month, due to no all months contains 31 days.

Which fabric am I'll be receiving?

Each 15th, we reveal the fabric designer of the month, but we do not share which fabric collection we are sending that month.
We must commonly send the latest fabric collection of the revealed designer

Am I able to swap my current box for a different?

Yes, once we release the fabric designer, you decide to swap your current box for a Modern or Classic subscription box, you can do it by sending us an email request to, and you have until the 20th of the month to make this change.

Reservation Fees

Our subscription boxes requires one time reservation fee of $1.00 this will allow us to hold your information and bill your card on file. Reservation fees are not refundable please see store polices in the link bellow

What is the retun and refund policy ?

Unfortunately, our subscription boxes are not refundable. We don't offer refunds or returns in our subscription boxes, and we'll not accept returns without an RMA number.
However, if your box gets lost by the postal services, we'll contact the United States Postal Services and initiate a recovery claim. If the recovery is not posible, we'll create a lost mail claim. Once the claim is declared as lost, we'll issue a new box at no additional cost.

How to update my payment method?

In order to avoid any fraudulent purchases or subcriptions you're required to submit a payment update form and you can choose your preferred card. Fill the following form here: or Click in the Link Bellow