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Cozy Up Charm Pack By Corey Yoder For Moda Fabrics

Cozy Up Charm Pack By Corey Yoder For Moda Fabrics

SKU: 29120PP

About the Fabric;

When I was growing up, I remember thinking that Christmas would arrive as soon as the leaves fell off the trees. Our home had a tree outside the front window that always held onto its leaves far past those on other trees. I would wait and wait for those leaves to fall so that Christmas could arrive. My family would rake the fallen leaves from those other trees and jump in the leaf-piles, while the nights would turn cooler and a blanket of frost would cover the grass in the morning.
And then, finally, when that last leaf fell from that last tree, Christmas would arrive.

I love the coziness that Autumn brings, and the anticipation of the Holidays that comes with it. Cozy Up invites you to “cozy up” with your favorite book and a beautiful quilt. This collection reflects the colors of the changing season
with rich yellows, oranges, greens, grays, and teal. The prints in Cozy

Up pay homage to Autumn with leaves, acorns, and fall flowers. The print I titled Trees has the names of many different trees... and what kind of tree kept Christmas at bay in my front yard? It was a Maple tree.

  • Additional Information

    Product Type Charm Pack
    Fabric Collection Cozy Up
    Fabric Designer Corey Yoder
    Fabric Manufacturer Moda Fabrics
    Theme Dots and Spots, Floral, Plaid
    Fabric Type 100% Cotton 
    Fabric Width 5" x 5" cuts
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