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Bright Eyes Optimistic by Anna Maria Horner for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Bright Eyes Optimistic by Anna Maria Horner for FreeSpirit Fabrics


This Fabric print is also available as wife backing.

My Bright Eyes collection celebrates the extraordinary beauty found in ordinary, everyday surroundings and what happens if you keep your eyes bright and open. A vintage embroidered blouse, a woven blanket, a stack of handpainted ceramics, gardens in light and dark, a visit from a family of finches that only lasts seconds. I’ve portrayed nature truly, as well as stretching the truth in versions that only happen in my eyes after a mindful studying of shape and form. When in New Zealand last year, I was hosted by a lovely family on a thousand-acre farm that I arrived at in the night. I woke to a stunning garden all around the property that was hidden by dark until an early pull of the window shade. I owe the poppies and much of the palette in this collection to the surprise, delight, and exploration that followed. I hope you feel all the same glow and optimism sewing with these fabrics as I did in creating them for you.



Additional Information

Product Type


Fabric Collection

Bright Eyes

Fabric Designer

Anna Maria Horner

Fabric Manufacturer




Fabric Type

100% Cotton

Fabric Width


    1 Yard
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