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At Home Honey Bun Roll by Bonnie and Camille

At Home Honey Bun Roll by Bonnie and Camille

Products Details 

At Home Honey Bun Roll by Bonnie and Camille contains 40 1.5" Strips some prints may be duplicated 


The best journey always takes you home.

We all know that home is where the heart is and this new collection from Bonnie and Camille comes straight from the heart. We’re going back to our Moda beginnings and the mother-daughter colorways that launched our first collection. At Home with Bonnie & Camille pays tribute to that journey by showing where we are going and where we’ve been.

This collection is full of beautiful florals and textures, vintage prints, and versatile basics and combines the blue, aqua and gray of Camille’s home with Bonnie’s favorite red, linen, and green. Use the colorways separately or mix them to make beautiful quilts to use in every room of your home.

After all, the best journey always takes you home.


Additional Information

Product TypeHoney Bun Roll
Fabric CollectionAt Home 
Fabric DesignerBonnie and Camille
Fabric ManufacturerModa Fabrics
ThemeModern, Contemporary 
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Fabric Width1.5" x 44" cuts
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