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PreCuts Quilt Shop

PreCuts Quilt Shop & Crafts

PreCuts Quilt Shop and Craft is a family-owned and operated company that offers popular selections of precut fabrics for quilting, notions, jelly rolls, fabric by the yard and more.

Why Choose Us For Your Fabrics and Quilting?

  • Great Customer Service:

  • Pre-Order and Save 10%

  • No Reservations Fees*

  • FREE Shipping over $100

  • Order Bolts of Fabrics and Save

  • Tutorial Videos (Coming Soon!)

  • No subscription fees

  • When my PreCuts Quilt Box Will ship?
    PreCuts Quilt Box Modern Stash Builder, won't ship until the 25th of each month. In the event that 25th is on the weekend will ship out until the next business day. PreCuts Quilt Box Classic, won't ship until the 25th of each month. In the event that 25th is on the weekend will ship out until the next business day.
  • Whitch box I'll receive if i subscribe to "Classic" on the 26th?"
    You will receive the follow month of subscription box by exemple Christine subscribe to Precuts Quilt Box Classic on February 26, her first box will be shipped on February 28th. Exemple 2 Kim subscribe to Precuts Quilt Box Classic on February 15, so she'll receive her first box the same month that will be shipped until February 25th
  • Do we ship internationally?
    YES, we do ship overseas. Orders are shipped International Mail and typically take 2-4 weeks. However, it can take longer especially during peak times (see notes about customs below). Most items provide tracking or delivery confirmation. - In some cases such as an oversized item, we may require an additional shipping cost and if so we will contact you. - Disclaimer: We have had repeated issues shipping to a few countries and have been forced to adopt a "ship at your own risk" policy for these countries: South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, India, Namibia, Pakistan, Falkland Islands, and United Arab Emirates. We will not be able to reliably track or re-ship your package if it is not delivered and will not provide refunds or credits for lost orders. Duties and Taxes? Every country have their own rules, pocentage and policies and how to charge duties and taxes and we're unaware "How Much you will pay on Duties and Taxes that you'll responsible for." Any customs, duties or taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot control whether a package gets delayed and/or charged duties and taxes by the customs office in any international country.All prices are in US dollars. We are not responsible for any exchange rate differences.
  • Can I Combine my Subscription box with a purchase?
    No, our subscriptions website is builder on a different platform and our shop team don't have access to the subscription platform.
  • Domestic Free Shipping?
    Domestic shipping simply means you've limited your shipping area – and your shipping options – to destinations within the United States. We do not offer Free Shipping on Overseas Orders.
  • About our Billing?
    In our Subscription Boxes all Payments are processed by paypal. Paypal billing cycle are based in 30 days or/and some cases 31 days example1: Christine subscribe to PreCuts Quilt Box for the firtstime on January 15, and her next billing payment will be until February 15.
  • How can I cancel my Riley Blake Program?
    Riley Blake program a 1 Year Program and is considerete a Custom item and unfourtunatelly can not be cancelled.
  • How can I cancel my Precuts Quilt Box?
    To cancel your subscription box you're required to fill out the subscription cancelation form 15 business days prior to your subscription renewal. You can find your the subscription box in the link below Or Fill the Form in the link below
  • Why I dont see my subscription on my orders
    Our Subscription boxes are manages for third parties company's such as and In the event you need a statement of your subcription boxes we'll be more than happy to assist you and provide you a statement of your subscription you can contact us at or you can send us a message thought our chat on our website
  • Can I switch between Classic and Modern Box
    Absolutely you can, but youll need to contact us before 20th of each month so we can make this change.
  • I didnt receive my subscription box, what can I do now?"
    Our subscription boxes will ship until or near the 25th to 28th of each month with priority mail provided by United State Postal Services. If you dont see your box by the 5th of the following month please contact us immediately so we can locate your box or issue a new box.
  • How to change my mailing address for my subscription box?
    To Update your payment information you'll need to fill our the payment update form in the link below:
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